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Additive masterbatches

Below is the list of products in the category "Additive masterbatches". Get advice, technical and other information about products and prices you can, having called by phones specified in contacts.

Ordering code Function Additional info
00050 Chalk additive 50% LDPE base. Used in the production of films. MFI 0,5-2,5
00080 Chalk additive 80% PP block basis. Used in PP molding, PP extrusion, PP yarn, etc, MFI 7,0 -15,0
00081 Chalk additive 80% PP homopolymer. Used in PP molding, PP extrusion, PP yarn, etc, MFI 7,0 -15,0
90033 Processing 5% LDPE Improves the performance of the equipment, eliminates carbon deposits and improves the appearance of the product.
90035 Processing 3% LDPE
92011 UV-stabilizer 20% Reduces exposure to UV radiation and increases the duration of the use of the products without losing chemical and mechanical properties.
95031 Slip Reduces the coefficient of friction of the surface. Oleamide. Erucamide.
96011 Antistatic 5% LDPE. Prevents the formation of static electricity on the surface of the product.